Style Makeover

DIVA’s Style Makeover will create your authentic new look.

Helen Sweeney - Style makeover -1

Helen’s Glam shoot with Murielle Sassine

DIVA’s Style Makeover is a total personal transformation.  It will help you rediscover your amazingness in a total rethink about your personal presentation.

You may need a makeover if you have ever felt…

  1. stuck in a style rut
  2. frustrated when you look in the mirror
  3. like you have a wardrobe full of “nothing to wear”
  4. unsure of your fashion choices
  5. depressed when you wasted money on clothes that don’t look good
  6. like not attending social engagements because you have nothing to wear
  7. like you’ve been wearing the same clothes, hairstyle,makeup for the last decade
  8. like you want to create a life change or make a fresh new start


If you’d love to know how to look younger, slimmer and more authentically YOU, you can request a FREE PHONE DISCOVERY SESSION. Please contact us via email and leave a contact number and we’ll chat soon!

Diva Transformation’s Online Style Makeover

 Diva Transformation’s Style Makeover  covers every aspect of personal presentation. It enables you to create a new and authentic personal brand that reflects the style direction you wish to pursue in life… so you can be the best version of yourself that you can be.

Key areas are delivered over the course of the 8 weeks. It is a program of very doable weekly units covering skincare, “at home” treatments and makeup specific to your features. You will learn about the colours that will maximise your beauty and make you shine.  How to dress for your body shape. A new style direction and a serious wardrobe detox. Shopping guidelines for success and outfit creation. Then all about body language and both personal and camera confidence.

The Online Transformation is available to both Australian and International Clients (fluent English required)


Diva Transformation’s VIP Style Makeover

This VIP experience is one-to-one, very personal and customised to suit your needs.


  • Book a Skype consult and we can discuss the best delivery mode.
  • VIP Transformations are available to clients in Australia or visiting Australia only. Contact us for more details.


Style makeover - Why no

Why not?

We would love to answer any of the questions you

have if you think that a Style Makeover could be a game-changer for you. 

  Contact us now so that we can get you started! 

We’d love to help you build the confidence to be precisely who you were meant to be!