Look Slimmer on Video

Look Slimmer on Video

How to look slimmer on video is a concern for many people especially women. Being self-conscious about this can prevent even confident women from embracing video, the very medium that will maximise their online visibility.

This is because the camera, be ie still or video is renown for adding both years and kilos. This is especially so with the very high 4G definition lenses on the new smartphones that highlight every fine line and pigmentation.

I have devised this outline so that you can feel a little more comfortable as you step into the studio and in front of the lens.

There are three parts of the filming process where you can be effecting in looking slimmer on camera. Before the shoot, during the shoot and after the shoot.

Before the Shoot

Studio Makeup is applied to

  • Contour and highlight to slim the face and features and the jawline (jowls)

Wardrobe Choices will create a sleek silhouette

  • Use shape-wear to contour the body
  • Wear clothes with fit and avoid an excess of fabric which creates bulk
  • Wear clothes with tailored cuts and slimming vertical lines
  • Use accessories with the same aim (scarves and pendants)

Studio Set-up

  • Studio lighting will not be focused onto areas of concern where possible
  • Avoid back lighting to these areas

During the Shoot

Director’s choice of pose

  • Create a pose that shows shape without rolls or lumps and bumps
  • Direct the speaker to stand or sit tall as good posture can make a huge difference
  • Stand side on, and to one side of the frame, to minimise body breadth within the shot
  • Use props to conceal and minimise bulk

Camera Angle

  • Slightly above the eye level to minimise any double chins

After the shoot


  • Crop the frame considering the direction of the lines in the body silhouette
  • ┬áPlace text in areas to minimise body bulk

So if you’d like to look slimmer on video, these factors will really make a difference to your next video as well as your self confidence.



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