Different Makeup Looks

It is easy to create different makeup looks by varying the style and application of your makeup.  Usually it is the context or occasion that determines the look or style of makeup you apply.

The different makeup looks I have described has a description of both the eye and lip treatment.  When it come too the eyes, a “defined” eye means a hard edge liquid liner. A “soft” eye uses a eye liner pencil, possibly smudged.

The lips are also described as either defined or soft. Lip liner using a very fine point creates a “defined” lip and lipstick is applied within the sharp lip line, whereas a “soft” lip could be created using a stain or a gloss without a definite edge.

Now, whether it be weekday corporate, night time glamour or weekend casual, the application and the products used will be always balanced against what suits your features and the characteristics of your skin.

Daytime Natural

“soft eye and soft lip” This look enhances and defines the features.
Primer, foundation, brow powder, coloured eye shadow, eye pencil, mascara, blush, nude lip liner, lip gloss

Daytime Corporate

“soft eye and defined lip” This look is polished and the lip is usually a focal point.

Primer, foundation, contour, brow powder, neutral eye shadow, eye pencil, mascara, blush, lip liner,  vibrant lip stick

Evening Glamour

“soft eye and defined lip” This looks is romantic and may even be dramatic, the eye is the focal point.

Primer, foundation, contour, brow powder, coloured smokey eye shadow, eye liquid eyeliner, false lashes,  mascara, blush,

nude lip liner, nude lipstick and lip gloss

Relaxed Weekend

“soft  neutral eye and soft lip” This look is very casual and fuss-free.

Primer, tinted moisturiser, bronzer to eyes, cheeks, mascara, lip gloss

I hope this information has helped you to understand how to create different makeup looks

and remember it takes practice to become fluent with new techniques.

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