Creating Video Content Efficiently

Creating video content efficiently

This can be done by shooting multiple videos in one session. Now in theory it only takes several minutes to shoot a simple blog. It is often the studio setup time, having everything prepared and being in the right mind set that takes up valuable time.

Did you know that many TV studios shoot multiple shows at one sitting to cut the cost of production? Yes studios will have one audience sitting through several episodes of one show.  The producers  merely shuffle around the same audience and switch the outfits and accessories of the presenters so the viewers are none the wiser.

In business, time is money! So… what is your time worth? You cannot be making sales calls, doing quotes or consultations while you are in the studio.  So why not do what the professionals do by creating video content efficiently with a filming day.

Have your studio space all set up ready to go before hand.  Also preparing your content and wardrobe options will expedite proceedings. You can slightly alter your appearance  in each clip so it appears these videos were made over a period of time.  Then spend some time on the night before to make sure the is STUDIO setup, the CONTENT is prepared and YOU will be ready to start filming!

Shoot one or even two months blogs in one session, upload these to your YouTube Channel and schedule these to post on various social media platforms … WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER!

STUDIO SETUP (Preferably the night before)

Lights Batteries chargedPositioned for desired effectCheck your white balance
Reflectors Optional – May need holding by an assistant or be taped in place
Sound/Microphone Spare batteries
Power Power board and cords and possibly tape to secure to floor to minimise trip hazards
Camera etc Smartphone, Video camera, Tripods, smartphone mounts, batteries charged
Mirror Set up behind camera to see composition etc – essential for solo shoots
Background Fixed or changeable,  backdrop (ironed and wrinkle free)
Furniture Table for props, grooming essentials tripod supportChair/stool /box to sit on or rest equipment on eg. Mirrors etc
Set Up Studio Mark the feet of the lights and tripods should they need to be moved.
Climate control Having a controllable temperature is very helpful… too warm and you will be perspiring and look unprofessional. Aircon is essential when wearing makeup on a hot day. Too cool… not an issue.
Mini White board To display the title and take number (in lieu of a clapper)


Script Have your content all typed up in a word doc(future reference)You may chose to write it up on a prompt boardordownload your text to a teleprompter
Added text You may consider any  text added to your clip in editing
Props All things required for the clip see the Clip & Script Planning Sheet
Other You may have to have an item already prepared to show


If you are doing 5 videos in a day, plan several styling combinations

Background Top colour Accessories
Silver curtains Purple v neck top Silver and pearl pendant/E’rings
Silver curtains Black top round neck Long Hot Pink scarf silver choker / E’rings
Purple backdrop White layered top/ shrug Long patterned dk pink scarfBig Red and silver Heart/E’rings
Purple backdrop White layered top/ shrug Layered silver necklace
White wall and company  banner Cream Linen round neck top Long Hot Pink scarf silver choker / E’rings


General Be well rested … looking exhausted may not help you sell your messageFamiliarise yourself with the script/actions movementFamiliarise yourself with equipment and setupGrooming  equipment – Makeup/Brush/Mirror/Tissues/Tape/Clips to minimise bulk


Personal Preparation  = Camera Ready

Grooming Hair in place, looking goodMakeup done, not shiny… ? powder neededNO lipstick on your teeth
Clothing Check colours and contrast against the background/backdropWrinkle free, well fitting, taped/clipped where necessary
Accessories Pendants centred, scarf sitting well and works on the neckline
  1. This is also the pre-take checklist (just as important as a pilots pre flight checklist)

Action stations!

  • Write on the board to show which clip it is. This makes it easy when it comes to review time
  • You are Camera Ready and Camera Confidant – you are in control!
  • Talk to the hole
  • Smile and remember you are only talking to your one very special client. Breathe and relax!
  • Pause before you start, whenever you bloop, pause before you start up again as well as when you have finished. These pauses are the valuable  gaps you creating for effective editing J
  • It is much preferable to have multiple takes and then just trim the ends… than video stroganoff… where you have multiple slices of footage that need to be pieced back together.
# = refer to a slide Call to action
TX  = future text incl.RH/LH/Below  
Custom      ____________ Farewell
  • Evaluation


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