Creating Video Content Efficiently

Creating video content efficiently This can be done by shooting multiple videos in one session. Now in theory it only takes several minutes to shoot a simple blog. It is often the studio setup time, having everything prepared and being in the right mind set that takes up valuable time. Did you know that many
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Look Slimmer on Video

Look Slimmer on Video How to look slimmer on video is a concern for many people especially women. Being self-conscious about this can prevent even confident women from embracing video, the very medium that will maximise their online visibility. This is because the camera, be ie still or video is renown for adding both years
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Look Younger on Camera

Look Younger on Camera How to look younger on camera is something I am asked about often. Now I am all for women expressing themselves in their natural beauty, however, the camera and harsh lighting can be very cruel and it is very easy to be disappointed at the sight of a very unflattering photo
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How to achieve Beautiful Skin!

Beautiful Skin is achievable when you understand a bit more about this amazing organ. Now a few beautiful skin facts… Your skin is composed of layers of cells that are replaced constantly. The cells are generated close to the dermis. Here the  cells are plump and round. As new cells are generated, the older ones
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Diva Confidence

Melissa Ferrari of Key to Love and Love, Life, Relationships and Transformation Melissa is a Relationship Expert who is not only an expert in her field but is currently cultivating a strong media presence. She is congruent with confidence across all areas of her life. Viva la Diva, Melissa!!     The word Diva comes from
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work smaerter

Work Smarter Not Harder

Maximise your Skills – Economise your time and money – Maximise your Results  With your fast paced and busy lifestyle is is vital that you find ways to work smarter not harder.  This way you can maximise both your assets, savings, time and results. It is also important that you value yourself enough to make your needs a
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10 steps to Ageless Beauty

10 steps to Ageless Beauty Ageless beauty means timeless beauty.  To achieve this you must work with what you have, discard old ways of thinking and embrace a positive mind set. Do you love yourself enough to see the evidence of your “life experience” as a badge of honour?  Do you know that there is
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Safe, Ethical Beauty

  So exactly what are you putting on your skin? Although I have been buying parsonal care products all my adult life, it is only in the last decade, that I have really thought about what I have been putting on my skin. So for almost 40 years I have been coating myself in substances
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