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    • Let Diva transform in your confidence and your personal style.

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  • Diva Transformations is all about maximising our client’s personal assets
  • We coach our clients, build their skills and personal confidence. 
  • We make our clients look great on the day, every day and on camera.
  • Our services are designed to enable our clients to be self-sufficient.
  • We believe that our clients deserve to feel confident and authentic in their personal style.
  • This is what Diva Transformations does…

    • We coach you to maximise your personal confidence and presentation. Whether you want video coaching, a makeover or both.
    • We provide you with valuable information and access to assistance, products and learning tools
    • We give you skills and resources so that you are self-sufficient and set up for future success


Where is Diva Transformations based?

  • On social nedia, visit Diva Transformations  on Facebook
  • DIVA TRANSFORMATIONS is Sydney based, just 45 minutes west of the central Sydney CBD
  • Diva’s ONLINE PROGRAMS are offered worldwide (fluent English required)
  • Diva’s  LIVE SERVICES are offered to Australian clients or to clients visiting Australia
  • Diva’s ONLINE PRODUCT SERVICES (Arbonne related) are offered in Australia, the US, Canada, UK, Poland
  • We can also COME TO YOU too as we offer a mobile service for Sydney clients.
  • AND  when Diva travels the show goes on the road! China tour planned for late 2016.

Helen Sweeney – Diva Transformations’ Principal


Principal of Diva Transformations

Helen Sweeney   (Murielle Sassine/Black Box Photography)

My secret power is that I can see new opportunities for my clients.

I can make them look amazing and feel uber confident.

“I see myself as a catalyst for positive change”


Helen Sweeney – Style and Video Coach
Makeup Artist, Teacher, Designer


Diva Transformations’ principal, Helen Sweeney totally understands the challenges of implementing the technology involved in running a small business today!

It has been in the course of her quest to master all of these that she discovered that she could leverage and repackage many years of teaching experience. In doing so she has developed both her video/camera confidence coaching and style makeover programs.

Her Diva Transformations journey in business started after studying makeup and beauty in 2007-8. She set up Diva Makeup Solutions in 2012 doing event and studio makeup. This blossomed into styling her corporate clients for corporate photography and her business continued to evolve into teaching her signature “makeup only face-lift”. Now her clients could look great every day. But it was the need for business owners to feel confident and look good in their videos that was the strongest catalyst. She rebranded and the business morphed into Diva Transformations when she realised that every business person needed to be using video but it was a lack of personal and skills confidence that prevented them from moving forward… She could give them that confidence!

So you are thinking that all this sounds very recent! Now consider the decades of applied knowledge that grounds Diva Transformations as follows…


    Helen’s Diva Transformations Video Coaching skills are underpinned by…

  • Teaching Video and Photography  (1992- 2004)
  • Girl Director Mentoring – Video Power 2014, 9 day Residential Program 2015, Video Power II 2015
  • Studio makeup artist practice and styling for photography
  • Helen’s Diva Transformations Style Makeover skills are enhanced by…

  • a passion for fashion, design and sewing (1975-1988)
  • a life-long obsession with beautiful things and practice in Fine Art and Design ( jewellery & object) (BA-Visual Arts 1982-4) 
  • Her “Illusion X” Body Shape system
  • Helen’s Coaching/Teaching/Life skills are due to…

  • Extensive teaching practice (1989-2015)
  • A deep interest in wellness (and her background as a registered nurse 1980-1992)

She is 57 years young and has had an “eventful life”.  Almost 40 years of professional life experience has been condensed into her role as the principal of Diva Transformations. Helen fully understands all the trials and tribulations busy professionals face… career, relationship issues, divorce, ill health, job loss and retrenchment, running a household, family and children, mid-life crisis/ menopause, business… Oh my! She has been there!

Come on now that you know me… call me and we can get you started with either Video Coaching, a Diva Style Makeover or both!

Viva la Diva!

Helen is waiting for your email. Take Action! Leave your contact details and a phone number and you will both be chatting soon!

 PS. Helen’s Linked In profile at Diva Transformations has more information if required.

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Helen Sweeney

T: 61 (0)402 068 108
E: helen@divatransformations.com